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Faretec CT-EMS Leg Traction Device Splint

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Faretec CT-EMS Leg Traction Device Splint

Faretec CT-EMS is a Leg Traction Splint designed for Pre Hospital Care and Patient transport. It is primarily used on patients with mid-line femur fractures. DOD Unique and field tested, offers corrosion resistance, temperature stability, superior yield strength and a superior strength-to-weight ratio. The CT-EMS helps relieve patient pain and prevents further damage to surrounding muscle and tissue while reducing the risk of death caused from severed arteries. The CT-EMS is made of carbon tubing which snaps together via an internal bungee. Traction is achieved with a 4 to1 purchase system using a small line to apply tension. This method results in a very precise and delicate form or traction that is also powerful enough to be effective on extra large adults. The CT-EMS is extremely compact, light and strong.  

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Note: The CT-6 is manufactured in tactical black for minimal visibility. (Click Here)

Designed to be carried in a trauma box, jump bag or first aid kit, this traction splint is especially practical for wilderness rescue, ski patrols, SWAT medics and military field medics. Insist on the best. Insist on the original Optimum Traction Device.

Faretec CT-EMS Leg Traction Device Splint Features:

  • Color: Orange & Black
  • Reusable
  • Fits both Adult and Pediatric patients
  • Carbon Fiber Tubing: Corrosion resistant, temperature stabile, extremely high strength to weight ratio, x- ray translucent
  • 4:1 Purchase Traction System: makes it easy to apply ample traction for even the largest patient. The V- Jam cleat makes it easy to readjust traction, key in long transport situations. Includes safety clip to prevent accidental releases
  • Application: The CT-EMS Bilateral comes out of the bag ready to go; all of the necessary parts are attached to the splint. There is no way to lose pieces, resulting in very fast application times.
  • Instruction Manual: Splint comes with its own “quick reference” two sided instruction manual that is water proof and tear resistant
  • Included: Blue Carry Case
  • View Instructional Manual


  • Light: Unit weighs 1lb./360 grams
  • Compact: Unit fits in small synch bag, 11" x 4" x 3"
  • Strong: Carbon Fiber poles and injection molded plastics
  • Effective: Four to one pulley system for efficient, easily adjustable traction
  • Size: Adult & Pediatric

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