Composite IV & Needle Decompression Trainer

Composite IV & Needle Decompression Trainer

Posted by Live Action Safety on 3rd Nov 2019

Composite IV Trainer

MITS is the only compact, self-contained training device for practicing multiple needle insertion techniques (e.g., DryStick and Wet Stick intravenous; and Needle Decompression) on a single product anywhere/any time. Conventional needle insertion training devices are designed for classroom settings – not portability – and can be very expensive. Such devices typically include a replicated human body part (e.g., a leg, arm or chest), and emphasize anatomical correctness over convenience. Most of these devices require support components (e.g., pumps and monitors) that link to the anatomical component with tubes and wires. Further, such conventional devices are not self-contained and require separate storage of components and Sharps (such as needles). Hence, traditional training devices are large and unwieldy, not very durable, and not very portable. This is due in part to the prevailing attitude in the medical community that the student would learn and practice needle insertion techniques at a facility while supplied with a traditional training device. Until recently, little regard was given to providing a training platform that could be used at home (or virtually anywhere else).

The MITS (Multi-Injection Training System) Composite Model is designed for the civilian market (or for those military applications) where durability under extreme conditions is not such a concern. Instead of a body and endcaps constructed of machined aluminum (as in the Tactical Model), the Composite Model is constructed of high-grade injection molded plastic. The result is a very durable training device for less demanding conditions.


Composite IV Trainer Features:

  • Plastic composite plastic
  • Allows for multiple injection training
    • DryStick
    • WetStick
    • Intravenous
    • Needle Decompression
  • Sold: Individually


  • IV & Needle Decompression Trainer
  • 2 feet of amber and red tubing
  • 1 - Skin tissue Pad
  • 1 - Plunger & Syringe
  • IV lock
  • Foam and rub


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