Pedi-PRO Pediatric & Infant ALS Combo Kit - Better then Broselow Pediatric Resuscitation System!

Pedi-PRO Pediatric & Infant ALS Combo Kit - Better then Broselow Pediatric Resuscitation System!

25th Jan 2016

A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place

The Pedi-PRO Pediatric ALS Combo Kit is like the Broselow Pediatric Tape Resuscitation Emergency System but tons cheaper!

The finest French pastry chefs often deal with a batch of substrate which changes every second, yet it must come out right. If it cools too fast or for too long, or if adding the next ingredient takes too much time, all can be lost. They have to be more than particular, hence the French saying, "mise en place," which refers to the organization and arrangement of ingredients needed for the dish.

And they're only making dessert.

When it comes to trying to save the life of a child, it is infinitely more important to have necessary tools and resources set and ready for use.

This "mise en place" concept of keeping the things you need together and easily accessible in order to streamline a process and satisfy even the most organized neatnik, can be applied to the process of saving lives. First responders, whether they fall into the slightly-OCD category or not, can appreciate the idea that having the items they use to save lives organized, arranged, and easy-to-access, will make it easier to accomplish the goal of helping a patient.

Imagine all of the supplies that first responders require to run a pediatric resuscitation all within sight, anatomically arranged around the patient, at their fingertips for instant use. In a kitchen, time spent searching for needed items can lead to burned food; in an ambulance it can be the difference between life and death.

Pedi-PRO eliminates the need for distressing searching during an emergency. Do CPR, intubate, ventilate, get IV access and give first line drugs without going back to the cart or calling out for supplies.

Integral CPR PlatformThe Pedi-PRO features six structural storage compartments within the platform, which can support patients from infants up to 70 pounds. On firm mattresses or stretcher pads, the organizer itself supports CPR compressions. With spongy or contoured mattresses, the backboard can be placed beneath the organizer.

Optimal Item VisibilityThe Pedi-PRO has four airway tool bins that allow first responders to instantly see the laryngoscope handle, correct blade, and other key items in clear protective clamshell compartments.

Anatomical Airway Array
The rescuer on airway has all of their intubation equipment and tubes in sight at their fingertips. The headrest can be kept flat for trauma patients, or opened to reveal a head cradle to extend the neck as an aid for visualization of the vocal cords.

Instant Item Recognition
The storage compartments have clear, see-through lids for instant item identification, and the user is able to decide what goes where. Each box compartment of the CPR platform can accommodate either one large amp- syringe of 50% dextrose or bicarbonate, or three amp-syringes of epinephrine, atropine, lidocaine, calcium, etc., or a host of other supplies.

The Pedi-PRO allows you to:

  • Keep gloves and monitoring equipment such as a stethoscope, BP cuffs, EKG leads, etc., in compartments near the patient's shoulders for access by either the provider on airway at the head, or those along the patient's sides.
  • Store IV start kits, IV catheters, butterfly needles, etc., in the middle compartments, thus locating those items at their site of use, by the patient's arms. Medications can go in the lower compartments, near their site of IV administration.
  • Arrange larger items in mesh pouches at the distal end of the organizer, still within the treatment field surrounding the patient. These pouches may be used to store infant and child bag-valve-mask units, IV bags, intraosseous needle kits, and more. There is a place for chest tubes or other long items.

With Pedi-PRO, there is a place for everything and everything is in its place, making the first responder's job easier, more efficient, and helping to foster more positive outcomes when it comes to saving patients' lives. 

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